WAGYU CUTS / Sukiyaki

Dubbed the Japanese fondue, Sukiyaki is a popular communal dish. In this beef pot, thin slices of Wagyu beef are simmered together with vegetables, tofu and noodles in a sweet and salty sauce.

The combination of mirin, sake and other Japanese ingredients gives the sauce a rich flavour. For a full authentic experience, dip your slice of Wagyu beef into a bowl of beaten raw egg before eating it.

Thin Wagyu beef slices are your go-to for this popular Japanese cuisine. Buy your Wagyu beef in ready-to-cook slices, or buy tender cuts that comes from the rib and loin sections.

Halal Wagyu beef for Sukiyaki


Available cuts for Sukiyaki

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Iga Wagyu Chuck Roll

Iga Wagyu Chuck Roll*



Iga Wagyu Brisket PE

Iga Wagyu Brisket PE

300g+/- (RM144)


Iga Wagyu Rib Eye

Iga Wagyu Rib Eye*



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