WAGYU CUTS / Shabu-Shabu

According to our Iga Wagyu cattle farmer, Tetsuya Okuda, if you have never tasted Wagyu beef before, shabu-shabu is the very first dish you should eat. The Japanese version of hot pot or steamboat, shabu-shabu involves dipping thin beef slices into delicious broth made of dashi.

Shabu-shabu is a great introduction to Wagyu beef because you only need to swirl the slices in boiling soup for less than a minute to cook them.

Thin Iga Beef slices are your go-to for this classic Japanese cuisine. You can buy beef slices freshly prepared by our butchers, or if you prefer to slice up your own Wagyu beef, buy cuts such as the brisket for rich, juicy fat, or top round / topside for a leaner, meatier experience. Slice the meat very thin (1mm width) for shabu-shabu.


Available cuts for Shabu-Shabu

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Iga Wagyu Brisket Plate 2RSR

Iga Wagyu Brisket Plate 2RSR

100g+/- (RM48)


Iga Wagyu Brisket PE

Iga Wagyu Brisket PE

300g+/- (RM144)


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