Iga Beef, The Meat Champion

In Japan, Iga Beef is known as ‘Niku no Yokozuna’, which means ‘The Champion of the World of Meat’.

When you eat Wagyu beef that has been produced in Iga, Japan, you are enjoying one of the highest quality meat. Iga Beef is filled with luxurious, snow-white marbling that’s rated A5, the top grade for Wagyu beef. Iga Beef is so tender it melts in your mouth and offers an unparalleled culinary experience.


    Some beef enthusiasts assume that an A5 grade or a Beef Marbling Score of 12 means the best Wagyu beef, however the high fat content can feel too greasy. A5-grade Iga Beef has a less greasy sensation and heartier, more satisfying meat.


    Iga Beef has vivid marbling, a pleasing aroma (called ‘wagyuko’) and hearty taste. The softness and sweetness are mellow to slowly fill the mouth with umami flavours and create an unrivalled eating experience.


    The Champion of the World of Meat is also known as “phantom beef” because the local farmers produce a purposefully small amount. Iga being the birthplace of Ninjas is likely a reason for this and we like how exclusive, and elusive, Iga Beef is.

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Iga Palace Japan


Our Iga Beef Story

The history of Iga Beef was first written down towards the end of the Kamakura period in Japan.

During the Edo or Tokugawa period, Iga Ninjas carried dried meat as rations. This ninja beef was first shipped out in the Meiji period. Although Iga Beef is delicious, cattle farmers produce an overwhelmingly small amount and only distributed it around the local vicinity. Hence it is also called “phantom beef”.

When we got hold of some Iga Beef through a family of farmers, it was like discovering the secrets of the ninja!

Now we partner with the Okuda family, who has been breeding and rearing Wagyu cattle in Iga for three generations, to bring you the premium Iga Beef. The dedication to their Wagyu cattle is second to none. Even what they feed their cattle impresses us! The Okudas use a secret mix of 18 to 22 types of grains and other feed, compared to the usual eight that other Wagyu ranchers use. They emphasize on ingredients local to Mie, such as rice straw from Nabari and fermented rice from Iga.

As pursuing the best is our passion at Wmart, we hope we can provide you with a great introduction to Wagyu beef from Iga. Our aim is to provide our customers with more information about the finest beef in the world, from conception to plate.

Wagyu Farm Iga Japan

Why choose our Wagyu beef?

Wmart imports only the best Wagyu beef. That means we don’t just pick what’s famous and popular, but we search for the perfect match for our local taste buds and dietary standards (Halal), and we only deal with ethical suppliers. Even if that takes us to the mountainous regions of the Mie Prefecture in Japan to procure the exclusive Iga Beef.


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