WAGYU CUTS / Diced Cubes Cut

Whether it’s your favourite stir fry recipe, grilling cubes instead of thin slices, or making a low and slow stew in the pot, Wagyu beef can be prepared as neat cubes for easy cooking.

Serving Wagyu beef cubes in the shape of dice make an attractive dish, one that looks as good as it tastes. You may also prefer to handle your Wagyu beef in small sizes instead of a large steak.

For large stew cubes, you will be pleased to know that Wagyu beef only takes 30% to 40% of the effort and time to make a beef stew or curry thanks to its natural tenderness, with superior taste and quality.


Available Diced Cubes Wagyu Cuts

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Iga Wagyu Rump Cubes

Iga Wagyu Rump Cubes

300g+/- (RM144)


Iga Wagyu Zabuton

Iga Wagyu Zabuton*



Iga Wagyu Shin Shank Cubes

Iga Wagyu Shin Shank Cubes*



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