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Yakiniku Day with Wagyu Beef

29 AUGUST 2022

Yakiniku Day with Wagyu Beef 

Twenty-nine years ago, today was proclaimed as Yakiniku Day by the All Japan Yakiniku Association. 

It’s probably thanks to the association’s initiatives that yakiniku is part of our everyday vocabulary today, and one of the best answers to “What should we eat tonight?” Yakiniku is a method of cooking that involves grilling meat. There are two ways of grilling yakiniku: over an iron plate (teppanyaki) or a grill net (amiyaki). 


preorder wagyu beef

16 JUNE 2022

Pre-Order Wagyu Beef: How and Why

It's the beginning of a new month. For our Wagyu fans, this means fresh Wagyu beef is making its way to our shores and stores soon!

It's time to place your pre-orders, especially for custom cuts and special selections (assorted cuts for your yakiniku party, for example). You can ask our butchers or staff during your grocery run at Wmart supermarket. Or send us a message here or through Wmart's Facebook and Instagram.


frozen wagyu

16 JUNE 2022

Is Frozen Wagyu Beef Good?

If you have visited Wmart supermarket in person and checked out our Wagyu beef counter, you may have seen our display freezers across it.

We have stacks of Wagyu beef inside them that look very different from the same A5 Japanese Wagyu beef at the counter. They may even be from the same cow, but the frozen Wagyu beef here is dark and purple instead of snowy and pinkish


Katsu Sando wagyu sandwich

7 JUNE 2022

Wagyu Beef Sandwich (Katsu Sando) Recipe

June 2022 is the perfect time to head outdoors with the kids during the school holidays. There’s also International Picnic Day on 18 June.

If that isn’t a good-enough reason to bring out the wicker basket and blanket, consider your plans for Father’s Day on 19 June. A picnic is a great way to spend time with family and friends outdoors.


wagyu beef gyudon

19 MAY 2022

Guide to How Much Wagyu Beef to Buy

Have you ever gazed upon that big hunk of Wagyu beef at the butcher’s counter? We ooh and aah at the meat displays, marveling at Wagyu’s snowflake marbling.

Let’s be honest here… we want to take one of those hunks of meat home with us. We just don’t know if we can cook the whole thing. Turn out, you can, if it is the right amount of Wagyu beef you need.


eat A5 Wagyu Steak KL

10 MAY 2022

10 Days of Eating Wagyu Beef

We just completed the long stretch of holidays with Hari Raya and Labour Day being carried over to Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), eating, cooking, and eating some more. The long festive week got us thinking about how to improve our home meal plans.


A5 Wagyu Steak KL

22 APRIL 2022

10 Wagyu Steaks to Cook at Home

Steaks are pleasure on a plate, and a Wagyu beef steak is the heavenly version of it. No other beef comes close to Wagyu’s marbling. It’s that steakhouse menu item we salivate over before topping up our e-wallet. Wagyu’s also a legit reason for boarding a plane to Japan. 


wagyu beef iftar recipe for ramadan

6 APRIL 2022

Wagyu Beef Iftar Ideas for Ramadan

If you want to skip battling through traffic and crowded restaurants, the most peaceful way to buka puasa is at home. That’s what we’re planning to do. From rich-sauced rendang to shish kebab, a serving of good, tender beef makes a satisfying meal.


Wagyu Rendang

24 MARCH 2022

Wagyu Beef Rendang Recipe

We don’t know about you but we get frustrated whenever we bite into a spoonful of rendang and have to chew on tough beef. Some meat just feels so dry and doesn’t jive with the rich rendang sauce. Ugh. Here’s where Wagyu beef comes in to save the day!


Cheap Wagyu

15 MARCH 2022

Treat Yourself to A5 Wagyu Without Going Broke

We know, we know, Wagyu beef is expensive. It costs more than commercial beef, no doubt about that. “How rich do I have to be to eat Wagyu beef?” is a good question. In this post, we'll explore ways you can enjoy Wagyu beef without breaking the bank.


Why Is Wagyu Better

28 FEBRUARY 2022

Confessions of a Wagyu Sceptic

Some people still aren’t convinced that Wagyu beef is vastly superior to ordinary beef. They don’t believe the high level of marbling makes a difference, and all this A5, MS9+ and BMS12 ratings are as subjective as restaurant reviews that can range from 1★ to 5★.


Wagyu for Valentine’s Day

10 FEBRUARY 2022

Wagyu, The Best Thing to Cook for Valentine’s Day

Guess why next Monday is going to be great — It’s the day love wins over Monday blues, thanks to Valentine’s Day! “I love you” can be expressed in a homecooked meal. Here are some ideas on how to impress your special someone with Wagyu beef.


Australia Wagyu VS Japan Wagyu

27 JANUARY 2022

Australia Wagyu VS Japan Wagyu

Although Wagyu cattle originate from Japan, thousands of their progenitors are now bred and processed in Australia. The result is beef that retains that Wagyu tenderness, with its own unique flavour thanks to Oz climate and farming methods.


Buy CNY Wagyu

8 JANUARY 2022

Beef Up Your New Year

The New Year has kicked off with a roaring start — halls are decked with boughs of peony to make 1st February even grander than 1st January 2022. If we keep Omicron at bay and get boostered, we can have proper family reunions this Chinese New Year.


All I Want for Christmas is Wagyu


All I Want for Christmas is Wagyu

Move aside, turkey, and make way for tender, juicy beef that needs no cranberry sauce to complete it. With Wagyu beef, tender, flavourful meat is a guarantee. Its abundant marbling —the intramuscular fat that only Wagyu cattle has — results in butter-soft meat.


Wagyu Marbling score

18 NOVEMBER 2021

Why Wagyu Gets High (Marbling) Scores

Even at first sight, Wagyu beef is different. If you come across a Wagyu steak, you’ll notice that it is light pink and filled with white flecks. These visible layers of white are the marbling naturally produced by Wagyu cattle. Wagyu beef’s marbling surpasses that of other beef.


Wagyu Beef Cuts


A Guide to Wagyu Beef Cuts

Some of the questions customers ask us are about Wagyu beef cuts they should buy. Maybe the variations of slabs of meat at the supermarket look confusing to you, too. You might recognize the ribeye, but the other cuts might as well have come from the udder.


Wagyu Cow

23 OCTOBER 2021

What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef in a restaurant is triple the price of Black Angus, Hereford and other steaks. At the supermarket, there’s Australian Beef, and Brazilian Beef. And then there’s Wagyu on another shelf with an extra digit on the price tag. What's the beef with Wagyu? 


Wagyu Dish

4 OCTOBER 2021

At Home with Wagyu

Most of us are staying inside because of the MCO. It might be months before we can dine in person at a restaurant again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat luxurious Wagyu beef. In fact, this may just be the perfect time to unleash your inner chef!