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10 Wagyu Steaks to Cook at Home

21 APRIL 2022

A5 Wagyu Steak KL

Steaks are pleasure on a plate, and a Wagyu beef steak is the heavenly version of it. No other beef comes close to Wagyu’s superior marbling. It’s that steakhouse menu item we salivate over before topping up our e-wallet. Wagyu’s also a legit reason for boarding a plane to Japan.  

Here’s some good news: Wagyu steaks are actually easy to cook at home. There’s also a certain joy to be derived from the journey a Wagyu steak makes from the supermarket shelf to your dinnerplate. 

Wmart's Guide to Wagyu Steaks 

We have put together a list of 10 types of A5 Wagyu steaks.

Choose a steak that suits your budget, and satisfies the level of tenderness and experience you are craving for.

Prices range from RM120 to RM240 ($ to $$$) per 100 grams (as of April 2022) and are subject to change.

1. Wagyu Tenderloin Steak

a5 Wagyu Tenderloin Steak in KL

Price: $$$

It’s aptly called the tenderloin because this cut contains the most tender muscle. A typical portion looks plump, and abundantly rich. A Wagyu cow only yields around 2kg of this cut, which makes it very rare. The well-loved filet mignon and chateaubriand are cut from the tenderloin.

2. Wagyu Striploin Steak (minimal trimming)

A5 Wagyu Striploin Steak in KL

Price: $$

The striploin comes from a portion of the short loin, and is more luxurious than the sirloin in juicy fat and price tag. A minimally trimmed striploin offers a delightful fat-laden strip along your Wagyu steak. Striploin is one of the cuts you’ll usually find available on supermarket shelves.

3. Wagyu Striploin Steak (fully trimmed)

Price: $$$

Trimming off the fat means more lean meat from the striploin, and fetches a higher price tag for this high-grade cut. While the striploin is not as tender as the tenderloin (of course), it offers more flavor. It’s second best to the ribeye in terms of flavor. Go for the striploin if you want a cut that has a nice balance between the soft tenderloin and flavorful ribeye.  

4. Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Wagyu Ribeye Steak in KL

Price: $$

In celebration of National Prime Rib Day this April 27th, here’s the best part of the primal cut: the ribeye steak. It comes from the rib section but is prepared as a boneless rib steak. If you keep the bone on, you have the Tomahawk. If you want intense umami in your Wagyu steak, the ribeye delivers the best flavor.

5. Wagyu Rump Cap Steak (minimal trimming) 

Wagyu Rump Cap Steak in KL

Price: $

Also known as the Picanha Steak, the rump cap comes from the top part of the Wagyu cow’s rump. A fat cap drapes itself over the lean meat. This is an affordable cut if you’re looking for a Wagyu steak with a lovely layer of fat. Perfect for a meal where you get to chew the fat about Wagyu steaks, we think.  

6. Wagyu Rump Cap Steak (fully trimmed) 

Price: $$

Not enticed by that strip of fat lining your rump cap steak? Our butcher can remove the layer of fat to give you a leaner Wagyu steak. Wagyu beef’s honeycomb marbling may be less intense here, but a Wagyu rump cap steak still offers deep flavors. It’s an underrated cut, and highly prized in Brazil.

7. Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak 

Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak in KL

Price: $

Located between the neck and rib-eye, the chuck ribeye steak is well-muscled, less fatty and packs a strong umami flavor. Great for a budget cut that’s near the famous ribeye. We sell Wagyu chuck ribeye steaks in larger portions of 350+/- grams, another plus for those who’d love a big Wagyu steak. 

8. Wagyu Zabuton (Chuck Flap) Steak 

Price: $

Zabuton translates to ‘little pillow’ or ‘flat cushion’ because it resembles the traditional square cushion commonly used in Japanese homes. It’s also called the Denver Steak. The Zabuton Steak is a tender and well-marbled cut from the chuck section, and is also served in a larger portion of 300+/- grams.

9. Wagyu Misuji (Oyster Blade) Steak 

Wagyu Misuji steak in KL

Price: $

This steak goes by many names. It’s Misuji in Japanese. In the English-speaking world, it is known as the Oyster Blade in Australia and New Zealand; Flat Iron Steak in America; and Butlers’ Steak or Feather Blade Steak in United Kingdom. This is another affordable option, with minimal trimming of gristle.

10. Wagyu Marushin (Knuckle) Steak 

Price: $

A marushin steak is the most affordable Wagyu steak out there. The knuckle is located at the front side of the hind leg from hip to knee. It’s a lean, hearty cut, which some people prefer over fatty cuts. This low-fat, low-cost cut is meant to be cooked blue rare or medium-rare at most.

How Do I Cook Wagyu Steaks?

Now that you have a better of lean vs tender Wagyu beef cuts, what’s flavorful, what’s affordable and what we wouldn’t sell as steaks, it’s time to head to the kitchen.

Cooking Wagyu beef steaks is straightforward, and takes only 15 minutes.

They’re best when seared on the outside, and cooked rare or medium rare.

Skip the sauce and condiments to avoid messing with your Wagyu steak’s natural flavor.

Click here for our guide on how to cook Wagyu steaks.

Why Is Wagyu Better

At Wmart Supermarket, we sell Iga Beef, which is Wagyu beef directly imported from Japan and certified halal. Graded A5, Iga Beef has the highest level of marbling, making it one of the most tender Wagyu beef you will ever experience.

A comprehensive list of available A5 Japanese Black Wagyu steaks can be found at Wmart Supermarket. Visit us today or contact us directly for more information about Wagyu steaks. 


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