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Wagyu, The Best Thing to Cook for Valentine’s Day

10 FEBRUARY 2022

Wagyu beef for Valentines

Guess why next Monday is going to be great — It’s the day love wins over Monday blues, thanks to Valentine’s Day!

So then, what are your romantic plans for Valentine’s Day?

Omicron is currently raging through our community like a scorned person. With the rising cases, it would be wiser to spend Valentine’s Day together at home. Nothing’s more unromantic than having a restaurant date lead to a positive RT-PCR test result.  

Fortunately, “I love you” can be expressed in a homecooked meal. Here are some ideas on how to impress your special someone with Wagyu beef on your super special menu. After all, Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive food you can treat someone to. This isn’t your regular meal after work; it’s Valentine’s Day dinner for two. You’re not about to serve dull, ordinary beef; you’re showcasing A5 Wagyu beef!

If you’re not born a chef, fret not. Cooking Wagyu beef is actually quick and easy. Or make it a kitchen date and cook your Valentine’s Day dinner together!   

Wagyu Steaks = Romantic Dinner

What could be sexier than steak on Valentine’s Day? And Wagyu beef is the most luscious meat on the market — beautifully marbled, and so tender you’ll wonder where it has been your whole life. A Wagyu steak is the perfect steak to serve to your other half.

Even if you are no culinarian, it’s near-impossible to transform a Wagyu tenderloin into a chew toy. Wagyu steaks take only a few minutes to cook (here’s our guide!). For this special occasion, splurge on the tenderloin or rib-eye. Or you can still enjoy juicy, tender steaks with more affordable cuts from the rump or chuck. Wagyu beef’s superior marbling offers soft-like-butter meat.

Recommended Cuts: Chuck Flap (Zabuton), Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin or your preferred steak cut 

wagyu steak

A Little Luxe with Wagyu Steak

So you can only afford a bit of Wagyu beef? Hey, don’t go bankrupt for the sake of love! You can still prepare a single Wagyu steak and cut it into slices. Serve it as one of the meat courses. It can also make a satisfying sampler. When it comes to romance, isn’t the best part of the experience found in desiring for more?  

Recommended Cuts: Chuck Flap (Zabuton), Rump Cap, Oyster Blade (Misuji), Knuckle (Marushin) or your preferred steak cut 

Wagyu Beef Wellington = Made with Love

Truly we envy your significant other for your devotion. We can’t imagine just anyone spending hours wrapping tenderloin in puff pastry unless cooking is your love language. Wagyu beef wellington is bound to wow your sweetheart. You can prepare it ahead of time and bake it in the oven on Valentine’s Day.

Recommended Cut: Tenderloin

Wagyu Beef Wellington

I Heart Wagyu Burgers

Ahh, sweet adorable love! Not to mention the ultimate upgrade to beef burgers. You can buy ready-to-cook Wagyu patties, or do-it-yourself by mincing some Wagyu beef. Make heart-shaped burgers if you can. Alternatively, stick to the regular round shape but dye the burger buns pink. Imagine the fun you’re going to have preparing this on Valentine’s Day!

Recommended Cuts: Burger Patties, Striploin, Chuck Cuts, Round Cuts 

Wagyu Sandwiches = Romantic Picnic 

Couples get creative here with blankets, baskets and bright light spots, and having the best picnic ever, indoors.  

Wagyu beef sandwiches are oh-so-indulgent. You’ll be frying a Wagyu beef cutlet coated in panko breadcrumbs, before putting this crunchy beefy katsu between two slices of Japanese milk bread. Pack your katsu sando in some bento boxes, pick one of the nice parks in your area, and enjoy a decadent, romantic picnic.

If your love affair must be conducted outside and in public, parks have been one of our favourite dating spots lately. We get to avoid the crowds in closed spaces, and appreciate our sunny outdoors. Being a Monday, taking the day off means avoiding the weekend crowd.

Recommended Cuts: Oyster Blade, Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin

wagyu beef KL

Travel Without Leaving Home 

Since Japan isn’t reopening its borders this weekend, you’ll have to settle for their best Wagyu beef dishes to get a sense of travel.  

If you own a tabletop grill, why not consider making some traditional Japanese cuisine like yakiniku? Chat wistfully as you grill slices of Wagyu beef about the day you will dine in at a yakiniku joint in Japan.

If yakiniku seems a little too greasy for the outfit you’re planning to wear, heat up a steaming hot pot of shabu-shabu instead. Aside from ready-to-go Wagyu beef slices, we also sell soup stock. Just tell the guys at Wmart Supermarket you want to cook shabu-shabu and they’ll prepare a pouch of fresh ingredients or recommend packets of soup stock that you can put into the pot. Transport your dearest to Japan as you enjoy a delicious hot pot together.

Recommended: Yakiniku Platters or Shabu-Shabu Platters

wagyu shabu-shabu

Wagyu for Long-Distance Love

Quarantine or closed borders, if you are to be separated this 14th February, there are still ways to express your love and affection from afar. Chocolate, roses and jewellery are the usual suspects, so why not try send gorgeously marbled, gourmet meat. A gift of A5 Wagyu beef is perfect for a foodie who’d appreciate love packaged in edible ounces. Then make it a virtual date and watch them enjoy every bite of your gift.  

wagyu beef KL

Solitude = Bliss

If you are single on this Couple’s Day, so what. If you’re alone, or locked down with others, you can still celebrate it. Treat yourself to any of the above Wagyu beef dishes. If you still find yourself longing for company, toss some mandarin oranges into the sea the next day. Chap Goh Mei falls on 15th February, and many people also celebrate it as a sort of Chinese Valentine’s Day.

We hope our ideas will help you put together a wonderful Valentine’s Day. One last tip: When Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, the Friday and Saturday before that are the days people will be panic-buying steaks at the supermarket. So order your Wagyu beef today! 

wagyu teppanyaki


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