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Wagyu Beef Iftar Ideas
for This Ramadan

6 APRIL 2022

wagyu beef iftar recipe for ramadan

This is the third Ramadan we’ll be experiencing with COVID-19, believe it or not. As we transition into the endemic phase, pre-pandemic life is slowly returning… especially the traffic.

If you want to skip battling through traffic and crowded restaurants, the most peaceful way to buka puasa is at home. That’s what we’re planning to do. After a long day of fasting, we want to eat well.

During the Ramadan season, beef features in many of our favorite iftar dishes. From rich-sauced rendang to shish kebab, a serving of good, tender beef makes a satisfying meal. 

Wagyu Beef Dishes to Cook This Ramadan 

Even though we get pleasure out of beating raw meat with a mallet, we believe there’s an easier way to get fall-apart-tender beef. Wagyu beef is naturally tender, flavorful on its own, and produced in pristine conditions if you care about ethical meat production.  

Here we’ve flesh out some classic dishes that can be elevated with Wagyu beef.

Wagyu Beef Rendang

Rich and aromatic with toasted coconut (kerisik) and spices, what could be better than homemade beef rendang? Wagyu beef offers the best version of rendang because it guarantees beef that melts in your mouth. You don’t have to use expensive cuts either because this is a low-and-slow dish.     

Check out our super simple Wagyu beef rendang recipe.

Recommended Cuts: Topside Round, Neck, Shin 

wagyu beef rendang

Wagyu Beef Biryani 

Traditionally it has always been mutton that goes with biryani rice. So why beef? Well, this is for our friends who don’t have dietary restrictions but tell you, “I just cannot stand the smell of mutton.” Wagyu beef offers superior, almost-sweet meat, without that overwhelming gamey smell. 

Recommended Cuts: Diced Cubes, Oyster Blade, Bolar Blade    

Wagyu Beef Biryani

Wagyu Beef Satay

You don’t need to wield a bamboo-banana fan and smoke your house to get the taste of authentic beef satay. The oven or grill works just as well. The cons of beef satay are more to do with unchewable, tough meat. To avoid this, use Wagyu beef for meat that’s so tender and juicy you can eat it without the spicy peanut sauce.

Recommended Cuts: Sirloin, Flank, Skirt

wagyu satay

Wagyu Beef Shish Kebab

Another way of skewering Wagyu beef, this time together with sizzling bell peppers and tomatoes. Cut your Wagyu beef into portions, slide on the colorful bell peppers, and grill all of them. We prefer this Middle Eastern option to savor the meatiness and tenderness of grilled Wagyu beef.

Recommended Cuts: Tenderloin, Sirloin, Rib-Eye

Wagyu Beef Shish Kebab

Wagyu Beef Murtabak

Murtabak is our choice at the mamak when roti canai isn’t enough. It is a filling, flaky wrap that contains ground beef, diced onions, egg and wonderful spices that can be made at home. Using Wagyu beef gives your murtabak extra juiciness and flavors. You may even skip having curry on the side.     

Recommended: Ground Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef Murtabak

Yakiniku with Wagyu Beef

Yakiniku is a great way to enjoy a communal meal this month. Get a portable grill (some are smokeless) and your family and friends for this iftar. With Wagyu beef, you are spoilt with a wide range of delicious cuts: leaner or juicier? Luxurious or cheaper? Or an assortment of everything? Browse our available cuts or ask us for an assorted mix.      

Recommended Cuts: Yakiniku Slices

Hot Pot with Wagyu Beef 

Hot pot isn’t limited to sweet sukiyaki or dashi broths. Feel free to go with tom yam or curry base for your nabe if you crave a spicy kick. This is another dish you can enjoy in a group setting, dipping thin slices of Wagyu beef into the hot pot and sharing in the communal spirit. For your convenience, we sell Wagyu beef platters that are ready to go for hot pots.  

Recommended Cuts: Shabu-Shabu Slices

Wagyu Beef with Soy Sauce 

While we’re going eastern, here’s a soy sauce option. ‘Daging Wagyu masak kicap’ also makes it all sound so much sweeter. Not to mention the idea of potatoes, onions or chilis we can add (‘campak’, we prefer to say) as desired. Cook the best version of this familiar dish with Wagyu beef. 

Recommended Cuts: Knuckle, Bolar Blade, Oyster Blade, Inside Skirt

Wagyu Beef with Soy Sauce

Wagyu Beef with Black Pepper Sauce 

Spice up your meat dish with Wagyu beef. Here’s another well-loved dish that’s easy to cook but results in weeping and gnashing of teeth if you don't use good beef. Super-tender Wagyu beef also saves you the annoying part of cooking when the black pepper sauce is wonderfully syrupy but you have to keeping adding water because the beef’s still rubbery.

Recommended Cuts: Knuckle, Bolar Blade, Oyster Blade, Inside Skirt

Wagyu Beef Burger

At some point during the fasting month, you may just want a simple yet satisfying meal. Like eating beef that’s not a tenderloin steak but still juicy and top of the line. Wagyu beef burgers were created for this purpose. We offer flavor-bursting Wagyu beef patties for you to make the most luxurious burger in the world, in your own kitchen.     

Recommended: Wagyu Beef Burger

We hope that you have enough ideas on what Wagyu beef dishes you can break fast this Ramadan. 

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