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Pre-Order Wagyu Beef:
How and Why 

1 AUGUST 2022

preorder wagyu beef

It's the beginning of a new month. For our Wagyu fans, this means fresh Wagyu beef is making its way to our shores and stores soon! 

It's time to place your pre-orders, especially for custom cuts and special selections (assorted cuts for your yakiniku party, for example). You can ask our butchers or staff during your grocery run at Wmart supermarket. Or send us a message here or through Wmart's Facebook and Instagram.   

Why pre-order though? 

Pre-ordering reasons….  

1. Get the Best Wagyu Beef

The best and most obvious reason to order your Wagyu beef in advance would be to enjoy the meat at its freshest; its best quality state. With pre-orders, you receive your Wagyu beef as soon as it arrives from Japan.

wagyu shipments

While frozen Wagyu beef still preserves its freshness, its appearance will turn a purple or light brown color in the freezer. In today’s world, if our cameras must satisfy our Instagram Feeds first before we eat, let alone cook, it might be important to have our Wagyu beef looking its prettiest. 

2. Limited Edition Wagyu Beef

While it’s a good problem for us, customers sometimes get confused about how blocks of meat vanish from the display fridge. Disappearing Wagyu beef tends to be the specific cut you want.

Here’s a common scenario:

Today’s the day you decide to cook the best-of-the-best A5 Japanese Wagyu striploin steak for your special someone. You come to Wmart supermarket and march over to the beef counter. From what you can see, the fridge is stocked with hunks and trays of meat, so you cheerfully join the queue behind two other customers. When your turn comes, you tell the butcher: “Give me the best striploin steaks from Japan. The A5 Iga Wagyu.”  

The butcher tells you: “So sorry, no more stock. Just now one uncle bought the whole block.”

What the?!? 🤯 

So the fridge is filled with Wagyu beef, but when you examine the meat, it belongs to a different brand of Wagyu beef. In this blog, we talk about Iga Beef, but we stock other Japanese Wagyu beef as well (like Mie and Nara, which have A4/A5 marbling scores).     

For the brand-conscious, for those who care about which Australian or Japanese farm their meat comes from, it may be important for you to know that your preferred Wagyu beef is in stock.

3. Limited Edition Cuts

Apart from the Wagyu brand, not all cuts are easily available.

As of last weekend of July 2022, our stock of Iga Beef is running low. We still have chuck eye (kata shin) and chuck flap (zabuton) steaks left (grab them here), but the ribeye and striploin steaks sold out a while ago. There’s high demand for these cuts, yet each Wagyu cattle yields only a small portion. Moreover, Iga cattle farmers process a purposefully small amount of Iga Beef every month, so expect the best cuts to be snapped up fast.

4. Wagyu Beef Has to Be Specially Prepared 

This mostly applies to shabu-shabu, which needs time for the meat to be frozen before being shaved into 1mm-thick slices to create that instagrammable curl effect.

We normally prepare some ready-to-go platters, but they will be placed in the freezer and occasionally limited. Our butcher needs time to prepare the best quality meat for your hot pot, so pre-order them.

How to Pre-Order Wagyu Beef

Do you live on Facebook too? PM us there! We are part of Wmart Supermarket and can connect with you on Wmart’s socmed. Or pop up the Messenger chat at the bottom right of the screen and chat with us there. 

Here's what to expect when you connect with us:- 

Pre-Order Step 1: Wagyu What?

Let us know what you’re after, which means:

If you are not sure what you should buy, ask us for a recommendation. We’re more than happy to help, especially if it’s your first time ever buying Wagyu beef!

At this point, you’ll have an indication of the price. It ranges from RM150 (budget cuts like the neck and shin) to RM800 (premium cuts like the tenderloin and ribeye) per kilogram.

Pre-Order Step 2: Wagyu When?

Fix a date to pick up your Wagyu beef.

If we’re waiting for the new stock to arrive, we will alert you as soon as the shipment has arrived at Wmart.

We’ll reserve your Wagyu beef for a day or so, before releasing it to another customer.

FYI we’re currently waiting for the fresh stock of Iga Beef this month, with premium cuts such as the sirloin, cube roll or ribeye, and the incredible tomahawk.  


Pre-Order Step 3: Wagyu Where?

Do you want your Wagyu beef delivered to your doorstep or would you like to pick it up in person at Wmart Supermarket?

(a) Home Delivery: There is free delivery for orders of RM300 and above if you live in the Klang Valley (most areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor). 

(b) Self-Pickup: Packing and cutting services are provided if you are picking up your Wagyu beef from Wmart Supermarket in person.


That's it! Enjoy Your Wagyu Beef! 

Would You Like to Pre-Order Some Wagyu Beef?

We hope this post has helped you plan for your Wagyu experience. As always, please talk to our butchers and team when you’re at Wmart if there’s a specific brand or cut of Wagyu beef you’re after. You might not see it in the fridge and freezer, but our stock might just be on the way.

Feel free too to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, or the chat here.


Need any help?

Got a question about our Wagyu beef? We’re always happy to hear from our customers! Visit our online store or contact us directly for the latest stock and promotion!