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All I Want for Christmas is Wagyu


Wagyu beef for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner!

The holiday is especially meaningful this year. After all this time apart, aren’t we all looking forward to celebrating the season with our loved ones?

That said, perhaps dining out in crowded restaurants still isn’t the best option this December.

To stay safe and still spend time with others, why not host a dinner party? 

We have some ideas to make your homecooked feast a success, and extra special, because you’re going to serve Wagyu beef.

Christmas Wagyu Beef Dishes

Move aside, turkey, and make way for tender, juicy beef that needs no cranberry sauce to complete it. With Wagyu beef, tender, flavourful meat is a guarantee. Its abundant marbling —the intramuscular fat that only Wagyu cattle has — results in butter-soft meat.

So what can you cook with Wagyu beef on Christmas Eve or your own special occasion? Here are some ideas for dishes, some traditional, some unashamedly decadent.

Wagyu Roast Beef 

A well-loved dish for family-style gatherings, roast beef cooked in the oven is simple yet looks great as the centrepiece. Or you could go for a low and slow cooking method with some Wagyu brisket. Get a thick portion.

Recommended Cuts: Brisket, Eye Round, Tenderloin, Top Round / Topside

wagyu roast beef

Wagyu Steak

Best for a quiet evening, you can’t go wrong with a classic steak dinner. Wagyu steaks are simple to cook (here’s a guide) and the best way to enjoy a Wagyu steak is medium rare. The only seasoning you might need is salt and pepper.

Recommended Cuts: Chuck Eye, Chuck Flap (Zabuton), Knuckle (Marushin), Oyster Blade, Ribeye, Rump Cap, Striploin, Tenderloin

wagyu steak

Wagyu Lasagne 

Hearty, cheesy and now beefier and juicier with minced Wagyu beef. If you are mincing the meat yourself, you can choose the less expensive cuts, and depending on the flavour you are aiming for, choose leaner or fattier, juicier cuts.

Recommended Leaner Cuts: Eye Round, Top Round, Knuckle
Recommended Richer, Fattier Cuts: Brisket, Chuck Short Rib, Rib Cap

wagyu lasagne

Wagyu Bolognese

Speaking about comfort food, we can’t be the only ones who always look forward to the spaghetti bolognese at potlucks and parties, with the bolognese in its pot or its own bowl for guests to serve themselves. It’s more minced Wagyu beef, but you’d want it to be less lean so that the fat can allow for longer cooking. 

Recommended Cuts: Chuck Eye, Chuck Short Rib

Wagyu Croquette 

Serve some croquettes (korokke) as a side dish. Bite into a crunchy panko crust before being greeted by beef that melts in the mouth. We sell ready-to-fry Wagyu croquettes

Wagyu croquettes

Wagyu Beef Wellington

We are in awe of kitchen wizards who want to attempt this culinary challenge. Tenderloin coated in pate, duxelles and encased in puff pastry, it’s so impressive that it’ll steal the show.

Recommended Cut: Tenderloin

Wagyu Beef Wellington

Wagyu Christmas Gifts

While you’re shopping for ingredients, if you’re also looking for Christmas gifts, make it a high-value gift that your family, friends and business associates would appreciate. Pick up some extra Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is a gift that will delight everyone (except those hungry for more).

For the Uninitiated

Perhaps your recipient has never heard of Wagyu beef before, or they have always wanted to taste it. This would make a thoughtful gift. Our Iga Beef is imported directly from Japan. You’ll have a story to tell about how your gift comes all the way from Iga, the birthplace of ninjas. Our kawaii ninja mascot brandishing a tomahawk has been known to make people go “wow!” or “aww!”

wagyu beef KL

For Wagyu Lovers

Dealing with beef connoisseurs and Wagyu experts? Great! If they rave about Kobe Beef, tell them you’ve discovered another exclusive Wagyu beef! Wagyu fans are likely looking out for new and unique flavours. They'll appreciate the highest marbling grade. And they will definitely know the value of such a gift. 

A Valuable Corporate Gift

Show your business associates how much they’re valued. Instead of the usual cookies and other sugary, diabetic-inducing treats, give them something fresh, unique and tasty. They will be impressed by your discerning taste. 

Wagyu Beef gift

Treat Yourself

Remember to be generous to yourself. It has been a trying year. This is the time to indulge. As Wagyu beef contains lower levels of trans fats and is higher in oleic acid which can lower cholesterol levels, it is healthier compared to other red meat. Guilt-free eating at its best! 

Remember to plan and order your Wagyu beef to ensure they will arrive on time for your holiday celebrations. At Wmart, we sell Iga Beef, which comes directly from Japan where farmers have developed breeding and feeding programs to ensure their Wagyu cattle flourish. No other country has been able to produce the same level of marbling, making it the best beef you can have in your kitchen.

If you’re still wondering what you can do with Wagyu beef this Christmas, we are happy to help! Visit our supermarket, call us or send us an email. If there’s anything we’ve learnt from COVID-19, it’s that a personal touch means a lot.


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