Halal Wagyu from the Heart of Japan

Looking for halal A5 Wagyu beef in Malaysia?

Our Wagyu beef comes from Iga, Japan. Iga is located in the Mie Prefecture, and known for being the birthplace of Ninjas. In this quiet heartland, Wagyu cows are raised with traditional methods to obtain A5 Iga Beef, the highest grade for Wagyu beef. Wagyu connoisseurs describe Iga Beef as buttery tender, non-greasy, and mellow-sweet.


Begin Your Wagyu Journey

Wmart offers a variety of Wagyu beef cuts and ready-to-go slices. 

Whether it’s steak, yakiniku, sukiyaki or shabu-shabu, we believe the best Wagyu beef to buy is the one that suits your own taste and craving. Explore Iga Beef if you're wanting to try a different Wagyu brand. If you're eating Wagyu for the first time, start here! 


Halal Wagyu beef for Yakiniku
10 Wagyu Steaks to Cook at Home

10 Wagyu Steaks to Cook at Home

Steaks are pleasure on a plate, and a Wagyu beef steak is the heavenly version of it. No other beef comes close to Wagyu’s superior marbling.

It’s that steakhouse menu item we salivate over before topping up our e-wallet. Wagyu’s also a legit reason for boarding a plane to Japan. Here’s some good news: Wagyu steaks are actually easy to cook at home. There’s also a certain joy to be derived from the journey a Wagyu steak makes from the supermarket shelf to your dinnerplate.